Pet packaging

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Product name/品名 Pet Food Packaging/宠物饲料包装
Fabric Materials/材料 100% virgin PP woven/100% PP 新料
Color/颜色 Colorful print(Gravure print) up to 8 color/彩色印刷最大8种颜色
Size/尺寸 45*10 5*15cm 45*95*15cm 45*90*15cm 45*85*10cm 35*75*10cm
All size only for reference
Load weight/所装产品重 30kg 25kg 20kg 15kg 10kg
Thickness/编织袋材料厚度 85gsm-150gsm
Surface Dealing/表面处理 Matte/Gloss Bopp+pearl film(Bopp+珠光膜) Matte Bopp(Bopp哑光膜) Gloss Bopp(Bopp 亮光膜) Pearl film(珠光膜/仿纸膜)
Bottom/底部工艺 Single fold and single stitched /Dounble fold and single /Double stitched /squre bottom(单折单线/单折双线/双折单线/方底
Top/顶部工艺 Cold cut(冷切)/hemmed with pe linner
MOQ/最小起订量 5000pcs
Production ability/产量 300000pcs/day

Pet packaging
TA \factory direct sales professional customization quality package certificate excellence

1.Accurate and clear packaging printing
Make the product show more colorful

2. Different types of zippers can be added according to your needs.
Such as slider zipper /Velcro zipper / easy to tear zipper, easy to use, easy to seal after use, reliable sealing.

3.Flexible material customization
According to the characteristics of your products, using different combinations of materials to achieve puncture / scent resistance / oxygen barrier / antibacterial / antistatic properties

4.Have a food-grade production workshop
Hybrid 6s standard in production process, clean and reliable

5.Health and safety
Use high-quality environmentally-friendly inks, no benzene, lead-free and other harmful substances, no residual residues in composite solvents, strict requirements for curing time, quality and safety

6.The bag type is changeable
Due to the precise control of the professional bag making, the bag shape is beautiful, the bag making is large, and the bag type is large.