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Product name/品名 Fertilizer/chemical packaging
Fabric Materials/材料 PE heavy film
Color/颜色 Colorful print(Gravure print) up to 8 color/彩色印刷最大8种颜色
Size/尺寸 74.5*38*side8cm 35*69*side10cm 54*27*side8cm 45*30.5cm
All size only for reference
Load weight/所装产品重 25kg 20kg 10kg 5kg
Surface Dealing/表面处理 With anti slide band(防滑条处理)
Bottom/底部工艺 Heat seal/热封
Top/顶部工艺 Cold cut(冷切)
MOQ/最小起订量 5000pcs
Treatment/特殊处理 Micros holes(超微孔) Air valve(气阀)
Production ability/产量 300000pcs/day

The specially designed packaging for carring 10kg~50kg solid particles or powder materials is called heavy
Form-fill-seal,one-piece molding(FFS)
We started here.

  • The bag surface is smooth and flat,smooth and beautiful,with rich ptterns and clear colors.
  • Sealed moisture-proof and waterproof perforated treatment,open-air stacking,easy to transport and store,the inner product will not melt ,the inner product willnot agglomerate,no loss,the quality willnot belost.
  • Spacial packaging bag formula,does not soften and deform when exposed to high temperature,is not soften and deform when exposed to high temperature,is not easy to break at low temprature,anti-UV,and extremely stable.The shelf life of the package is more than doubled compared to plastic woven bags.
  • The packaging capacity is flexible and can be adapted to the needs of different manufacturers amd regions.
  • The production is highly efficient and the manpower is reduced by70%.
  • Small energy consumption,small floor space,week competition inthe sales market,suitable for foreign exports.
  • Can withstand the filling of materils below 70 degrees and mix well
  • With the application of materials,the thickness of the film is gradually cost is suoerior to the traditional packaging.